Communication Problems

Why do you rawl so stiply, whenever I schnuggle the blong?
I cannot stand your attitude towards bushelkits
Since bushelkits are prometious to me.
I suffer from your crockedness, especially when you fubble around.
I dare you to stop hauchtlstrauchtling, please I cannot quronder it anymore.
Why don’t you snurfl me into the atuhs while I’m yooking to you?
I’m just a humanlet, what are you? A trafflpooper?
Besides all marumbumbology I don’t shanizzle your hoomd fridgedism.
Hinterspoof me! Don’t be so grurple!
I open the cartacarack for you.
Did you ever feel froggish? Here you go.
I’m überzickzicking? Stop brumplunging
Or you will have to mezprobabulate alone!
Hinterspoofing you called me, nuffig and nilled.
I kiggldee when you rumfitzly leave the room.

(aus „Trying to Avoid Abstractions – Poetry and Prose“ by Sophie Ch. Rieger)

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